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Chickpea pie with quinoa, silverbeet and sumac - Lebanese "kibbeh pie" (Vegetarian/coeliac friendly)

Updated: Apr 22, 2023

This one took quite a bit of testing to get right but we got there. Traditionally, kibbeh is made with an outer dough that includes mince meat, bulgar, a bit of flour and mixed spices. It's also stuffed with spiced mince meat and toasted pine nuts with labne. Adding the bulgar and flour to the meat creates a unique consistency that allows you to mould the kibbeh ball into the right shape to be stuffed. It's very similar to the process of making arancini balls, but without the rice.

In this version, rather than moulding into ball shapes, we use the ingredients to make a pie in a tray. The Middle Eastern flavours of chickpea, sumac and silverbeet with lemon form the tangy filling of the pie. The quinoa, pumpkin and chickpea form the crust and base of the pie. 

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