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Fattoush with radicchio, oregano and pomegranate molasses

Fattoush is derived from "fatteh" and this translates to "crumbs". The storyline is that it originated in Lebanon when families had leftover breadcrumbs and pieces of lebanese bread that have gone stale. They would deep fry the bread and then add to the salad. There are a myriad of variations to this salad and I have tried to retain it's authenticity with a small addition - radicchio. Radicchio has a bitter sweet crunch and compliments the sweetness of the salad.

What I love about fattoush is you can eat it as a meal in the summer or on a day where you want something lighter. The bread is filling and the variety of greens and veggies are enough to satisfy, or add a protein of some sort to make it a full meal. I like to bake or microwave my bread instead of deep frying - its flavoursome when you add the dressing and sumac and a little healthier!

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