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Stuffed grape vine leaves with a garlic, cucumber yoghurt dip - 'Warak enab'

A delicate Lebanese staple, 'stuffed grape vine leaves' called "warak enab" or "warak arish" in Arabic. "Warak" translates to "leaves" and "enab" means grapes, "arish" meaning vine. Both terms are used to label the dish and have come from different dialects across the country, either or, they mean the same thing.

In the photo above I have made a garlic and cucumber yoghurt dip as a side. It's fresh to dip into with some olive oil drizzled on top. I make this dish a little differently than most, in order to simplify the cooking time and process. Traditionally, the ingredients are mixed raw and leaves are stuffed and rolled and then packed into a pan and cooked (with potatoes at the base of the pan to avoid sticking). In my version, I have pre-blanched the vine leaves and cooked the rice, then mixed the ingredients together and stuffed the leaves to create the final product. It's a little easier to prepare and takes less time. I recommend cooking your rice in a broth as opposed to water only to ensure you get maximum flavour.

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