Welcome to lentils and lemons.

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Welcome to the Lentils and Lemons blog, a place where you will find whole food, Mediterranean recipes that fill your cup.

My name is Estelle Rose Rehayem and I created Lentils and Lemons to share traditional, whole food Mediterranean recipes passed down from my mother, her mother and generations more. Some of the recipes offer a modern twist on traditional meals and others just honour my most cherished inheritance of knowledge. I hope that these recipes and featured blog posts inspire you to try cooking something new or explore the world of whole foods and vegetables.
Explore my recipe posts to find a variety of recipes for lunch or dinner, breakfast or dessert that are plant-based, gluten free or just a simple condiment. You can sign up as a blog member to ask questions and leave comments on recipes, and, you can find some FAQS below.

I'm always happy to work with brands or individuals on creative projects. For more information, head to the link below.

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Do you have vegan, gluten free or dairy free recipes?

Yes. All recipes on this website do not contain dairy or gluten. There is a vegan category on recipe posts. I do provide options where appropriate for adding proteins such as fish and eggs. For more on ethics, head to the FAQS page.

How do I source animal products sustainbly?

You can source your protein from ethical and sustainable farmers. For fish, look for the ASC Australia & New Zealand label. For eggs, check out the 'free range pastured egg' directory, look for the 'Humane Choice' Label which is managed by the National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia, or organic and animal welfare certification labels for animal welfare beyond the corporate standard.  More on the FAQS page.

What is a whole foods mediterranean diet?

A whole foods diet includes unprocessed and unrefined foods and limits animal products. The Mediterranean diet is extensively researched and one of the healthiest in the world, and I hope to do it justice on this blog. For more head to the FAQS page.