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Med-jewel truffles

Updated: Feb 13

These are the jewels of the middle-east. A no-bake, raw dessert mimicking the vibrancy of middle-eastern desserts, without the added sugar syrups and sweeteners. The truffles are made with palestinian medjool dates stuffed with a strawberry yoghurt 'bounty' & strawberry chia jam. Coated in dark choc and pistachios.

If you're not a sweet tooth you will love this one. The contrast between the dark chocolate, berry jam and coconut yoghurt gives it balance. Try not to add syrup to sweeten the chocolate.

The cocotribe strawberry yoghurt is my preference when it comes to selecting flavoured yoghurts as the only added 'sugar/sweetner' is rice malt syrup. From what I've seen they're one of the only organic, dairy free yoghurts in the Australian market that actually list the vegan cultures used on the ingredients label. The strawberry 'bounty' fill is made with the cocotribe strawberry organic coconut milk yoghurt and desiccated coconut. I have used fresh strawberries to make a quick jam using chia seeds. No syrup or sugar required. The chocolate topping is made with cocoa and cacao butter. Aim for equal ratios for a dark chocolate.

Watch a quick video reel on the process here.

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